About us



My name is Joe Maxwell, and my company, 254 Lawns, LLC, takes great pride in providing excellent lawn maintenance services.

Maxwell Landscapes and Lawn Care was my pride and joy for many years, but I sold much of that business a few years ago. In 2019 I acquired many of my old clients back along with a few new ones from a couple other local lawn maintenance services. Today with my new company, 254 Lawns, I am looking forward to growing and providing outstanding service to customers across the Waco area.

Waco is where I have always called home, my wife and I grew up in China Spring and are now raising our children there. I hold an associate’s degree in landscape design and have been involved in the local landscape industry for 15 years. My approach to business is to take care of my customers’ lawns as if they were my own. Our company is large enough to take care of everything your lawn may need but small enough to still provide the one on one service you want.